To badly go where too many have gone before! Join us for a live, weekly Star Trek quiz show, in which no one wins, everyone is a loser, and you get to show off your encyclopedic knowledge of Trek lore to like-minded nerds.



I’ve found myself trapped in the orbit of an unusual, uncharted, yet kinda-sexy planet; the crew has named the SPN Communication officer Big J informs me I must prepare a bio in order to be granted permission to land… so here goes. I’m Alfie Centauri, your typical Trekkie. One humble human hungry for harmony amongst all. A typical day for me includes: watching Star Trek (fave episode: “Justice” TNG), whilst thinking about Star Trek and then maybe I’ll walk my dog (who’s name is Star Trek).

Why so much Star Trek you ask? And what I say to you is: Mind your own fucking business! Or tune in every Wednesday to the live quiz: Star Trek highly illogical!

Live long and illogically



I feel like I’d probably do a lot better in a Star Wars quiz. But don’t get me wrong. I lurve the Trek. I’ve been watching for as long as I can remember, and I was right there when they launched this crazy idea for a next generation of Star Trek. It was nuts, but I watched it anyway.

And I haven’t stopped yet.

I’d put the series in this order of awesomeness, with the most awesomest first: TNG, TOS, SNW, ENT, PIC, LD, VOY, DS9, DIS. All other opinions are incorrect.


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