Three 90s kids revisit and reminisce about all things Star Trek. Their mission is to discover the unknown, explore the charted regions of the Star Trek universe, and guide newbies through the vast reaches of the franchise.



Hi, my name is Erin. I was introduced to Star Trek as a kid when my parents, brother, and I would sit down every Saturday night and munch on snacks while watching the latest TNG episode. This continued on through DS9 and Voyager (my favourite series), until I moved away for college. I’m still a Trekkie and love getting to watch and discuss episodes new and familiar with my two cohosts and hope you will enjoy joining us.


I’m Magen, co-host of the Tribbles and Transporters podcast. I was basically born a Trekkie. My dad was huge into Sci-Fi and I grew up watching all the shows. DS9 is my favorite of the completed series. The reason I love Star Trek is the hope it inspires in that maybe one day humanity will get it together and make the world a much better place.


Hey, I’m Sarah! I started watching Star Trek at 11 years-old when I happened across the season 5 finale of TNG while flipping through channels. Ever since that fateful Saturday afternoon, I’ve been hooked. However, TNG is the only series I’ve seen all the way through. As our podcast revisits the various series, I’m seeing a lot of episodes for the first time – and it’s been a fun journey!