Techman 16 and Strangekirk take the Captain’s chair for the mobile game Star Trek: Fleet Command



Techman16 grew up an avid sci-fi fan and loves series like Star Trek, Babylon 5, Stargate and more. Currently playing Star Trek Fleet Command, he partnered with StrangeKirk to create a podcast that mainly talks about the people behind the screen name, to show that we are all sci-fi fans and enjoy the community.


StrangeKirk is a nerd both in and out of the gym. He has been a trekkie since he was a kid, when his grandfather introduced him to The Original Series. He has also been known to watch anime and play video games in his free time.


When he’s not dealing with howling Huskies, Handy can be found poking a stick at any situation he sees as volatile. Always one to call it like he sees it, he does so in a respectful way. A car nerd and gamer, he fits right in with the abrasive crew at Trek Talk.


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